Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Adopts an innovative circular cap structure design, the box cover and the bottom of the box are locked and sealed with hoops, and the fiber optic cable enters and exits at one end. has good physical and chemical properties, and is suitable for installation and use in overhead, poles, wall-mounting, manholes, pipelines, etc.

Product Overview

GJS-III-6003 type Hafnium tape sealed optical cable joint box adopts an innovative arc circularflip cover Hafnium structure design, and is connected by a rotary shaft and sealed with a small amount of screws. The optical cable inlet and outlet holes are designed with mechanical tape sealing. The appropriate optical cable inlet and outlet holes are selected based on the diameter of the optical cable, and the sealing tape is wrapped and installed in the corresponding inlet and outlet holes to achieve the sealing of the optical cable. The main function of this product is to provide continuous protection for various types of optical cables in the optical transmission link, including non cutting through, branching and splicing, branching and branching joints.The shell of this product is made of modified PC engineering plastic, which has good physical and chemical properties and is suitable for installation and use in overhead, pole holding, wall hanging, direct burial, etc.



Maximum external dimensions


Maximum capacity

Splicing tray A: 72 core

Splicing tray B: 96 core

Splicing tray C: 144 core

Capacity of each splice tray

Splicing tray A: 12 core/tray

Splicing tray B: 12-24 core/tray

Splicing tray C: 36 core/tray

Maximum number of splice trays

Splicing tray A: max 6 pcs

Splicing tray B: max 4 pcs

Splicing tray C: max 4 pcs

number of optical cable entrance and exit tubes

6 main cable ports

cable ports diameter ranges

2 cable port: Ø8-13mm

2 cable port: Ø8-16mm

2 cable port: Ø8-20mm

Protection level


Impact strength


Inner carton size


Outer carton size


8 pcs


Shell: PC

Metal parts: stainless steel

Valve1 set (Optional)
Wall mounting kit1 set (Optional)