Fiber to Home (FTTH) Solution

1GbpsMaximum access bandwidth
Easy to installEquipment has low installation requirements for environmental conditions and power supply
transparencyTransparency of data format, rate, wavelength, and protocol

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is a transmission method for fiber optic communication< Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network units (ONUs) at home or enterprise users, and is the type of optical access network application closest to users in the optical access series, except for FTTD (Fiber to Desktop). The significant technical feature of FTTH is not only to provide greater bandwidth, but also to enhance the transparency of the network in data format, rate, wavelength, and protocol, relax the requirements for environmental conditions and power supply, and simplify maintenance and installation. PON technology has become a hot topic of concern for global broadband operators and is considered one of the best technical solutions to achieve FTTH.
FTTH adopts a passive network, which can achieve complete passivity from the office end to the user. Each user can be allocated exclusive bandwidth of up to 20Mbps -100Mbps or even higher, and can reach up to 1Gbps access bandwidth without optical separation.